December 31, 2012

2012th in overview...

It was relatively quiet year. It started with 2 weeks vacation in Dominican Republic - it was interesting travel, I and my wife enjoyed it a lot, and want to make it again, may be next year.
Not so much happened on work, most of tasks were not so challenging as in 2011th, although I tried to do some experimenting staff, trying to apply machine learning & related knowledge to my area of expertise. But no of these experiments went to production (I hope, that they will, but who knows when this will happen). I also participated in Microsoft's plugfest - conference about file format & protocols - it was very useful for me, and as usual, most of useful information was obtained during conversations with developers.
I continued to self-study - read a lot of books on different topics: machine learning, natural language processing, big data, software development practices, etc. (you can follow me on Goodreads if you're interested). But pile of books with label 'to-read' is still too big.
I also took several courses from Coursera: Natural Language Processing was very interesting, and right now, I'm doing Heterogenous Parallel Programming - to refresh GPGPU programming skills.
This year I did 2 presentations about Clojure - one for functional programming user group in Bielefeld, and second was done as part of small Russian-speaking conference ITSea-2012, that was combined with vacation in Montenegro.
Tried to participate in different open source projects, mostly in CEDET & Incanter, and some other. And I hope, that I'll have enough time to continue this work, especially for CEDET.
Cycling is still my favorite sport, although I started cycling season relatively late this year, due operation on my right hand, so I managed to ride only 2400 km (last trip was 2 days ago :-)

I want to wish Happy New Year to all my readers, and see you next year!

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