October 30, 2012

New version of article about Emacs/CEDET

I just uploaded to site the new version of my article A Gentle introduction to CEDET. I also left old version of this article, but as separate page.
New version describes CEDET with new activation scheme, so it's now applicable to versions from bzr, and to versions bundled with GNU Emacs (after they will release next GNU Emacs version, where CEDET was updated).
Besides this, I added small description of how to customize CEDET to work with Java, and small section about setting name completion through the auto-complete package.

Instead of my config file, that contains too much not necessary stuff, now it's better to use separate config.

P.S. btw, fresh snapshots of CEDET can automatically detect Maven projects, and get classpath information directly from them. So now, names completion works also for 3rd party libraries. For example, this is name completion during work with source code from Apache Tika:


grant rettke said...

Nice to hear, CEDET is awesome.

Сергей said...

What stable version of Emacs/CEDET will this config apply to, exactly? I've got Emacs 24.3.1 and CEDET 2.0 which comes builtin, but I don't have cedet-java (nor cedet-android). Is it still too old w.r.t. bzr version?

I'd like to avoid riding on bzr version, but "Unknown includes" in Java/Android sources are slightly annoying.

Alex Ott said...

Java stuff is still in bzr only, and should be included into the next stable release of GNU Emacs...