July 9, 2010

Review of Practical Clojure book

Yesterday, at one sitting, I read the Practical Clojure book. What I can say about it? This is very good & concise introduction into Clojure programming language. This book contains all necessary information about language, including experimental features, such as Protocols & Datatypes. There are also a lot of diagrams there, and very good explanations of state/identity concepts, and how they are used in Clojure.
But this book doesn't contain complete examples, similar to examples in Programming Clojure book, that has example of pretty big program - Lancet.
Another drawback - lack of description of IDEs, build tools, and related infrastructure. To get this information you'll need to search it on the web or in other books, like 'Clojure in Action'.
But I can recommend this book as short introduction, because it contains more actual information than 'Programming Clojure'...


zmila said...

yes, the same impression.

the book is some kind of api reference.

there are almost no information on functional programming. no description how typical problems are solved in Clojure way.

robad said...

Given the title "Practical Clojure", I was expecting a lot more "real-world" type examples, but a good API reference, no less.