February 8, 2009

Second version of the hs-lint package

Just updated hs-lint, so it now allows to perform replacements of user's code with hints, produced by HLint. To use this feature, you need to set hs-lint-replace-with-suggestions variable to t, and than after execution of the hs-lint command you'll asked for confirm replacement each of hint, found by HLint. And if you'll set the hs-lint-replace-without-ask variable to t, then all replacement will be done without confirmation.
New version is available from my site.


Don Stewart said...

Could you release the tool on Hackage too, so that we may easily package and distribute it?

Alex Ott said...

2Don: This package is included now into HLint's distribution, so it should available to all HLint's users.
I also plan to discuss with Stefan Monnier - may be it will good idea to include this package into haskell-mode