April 16, 2008

Using Emacs with Git

Just upload to server a new part of article about usage of Emacs with version control systems -- now about usage of Emacs to work with Git. This variant contain information only about git.el package, but in near future i'll extend it with information about emacs-git and some minor modes.


piyo said...

I notice the screenshot looks like Emacs on Windows. I had some problems with git.el on Emacs on Windows, so I contributed some Emacs Lisp code.

Did you have any problem?

Alex Ott said...

2piyo: Yes - this is screenshot from windows, that i did 1.5 years ago. At the time it almost completely worked with cygwin git + some patches.
Next step after translation of articles will add more content to both versions (russian and english): add descriptions of aHg, emacs-git, and many other modes